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Splashbacks can really make a Kitchen or Bathroom, they can give it the WOW Factor.


You might also want to consider functionality, durability, style, colour, ease of cleaning and of course affordability.


Some options are: Stainless Steel, Granite, Acrylic Solid Surface, Stone and Glass Splashbacks.


These splashbacks are a timeless choice for those preferring clean lines and durability.


Ideal for food processing areas and wet areas, seamless stainless steel splashbacks also have excellent hygiene properties.


Granite is a very popular choice due to its aesthetic appeal.


As a natural stone, each piece is unique, with individual characteristics.


Granite is also highly scratch and stain resistant, providing a durable surface solution.


This flexible alternative to stone has the capability to create seamless splashbacks in your room. Available in a range of contemporary designs, this durable resin material has excellent stain and scratch resistance properties.


Akril is an Australian made environmentally friendly, highly engineered polymer, enhanced with colour. Quite simply, it offers a new source of design inspiration kitchen and sliding doors.


Being half the weight of glass and 25 more impact resistant Akril is the logical alternative providing a safe environment for families knowing Akril will not shatter when hit with force. It can be cut drilled, planed, polished without the fear of damage to the vibrant images on offer.


It can be installed directly behind Electric, Induction or Ceramic cook tops. Simply use behind gas cook tops with the use of a minimum 150mm non combustible mate-rial (glass,stainless steel etc) the width of your cook top.


Available as either natural stone or engineered stone surfaces, for a classic or contemporary design style.


Stone is a premium choice for low maintenance, easy to clean, grout free splashbacks.


Glass splashbacks are now a more affordable option and the reflective nature of glass adds light and depth to your room. Select from a range of textured glass options, choose a solid colour or create your own design with digital imagery (NEW) options. Aesthetically, glass splashbacks present a far superior finish than other alternatives. The reflective nature of glass will not only bring light and a sense of space into even the most cramped of kitchens, but will also add ambience to a room that may otherwise be lacking.
Coloured glass splashbacks offer freedom to choose the perfect colour, whether you’d like a flat or a bright metallic; splashbacks are the ideal modern solution to enhance the look of any home. Not only will Vista Glass offer you a wide selection of sample colours to choose from, but we can also offer you a colour matching service free of charge.
Glass splashbacks are extremely easy to keep hygienically clean and spotless. Low maintenance glass splashbacks are not only extremely durable and resilient, but glass splash-backs also impervious to stains and smears, which means no more scrubbing with harsh chemicals to remove the mold, fats and grease which readily adhere to grout, porous tiles and stainless steel wall coverings.


The range of colours, textures and sizes available in tiles, offer the flexibility to fit any space and create a myriad of designs.


Select from either porcelain or glass to achieve this.